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Polyester matt fiber and tow with low flammability

Textile products on the basic of natural chemical fiber are applied in different areas of industries, in building industry, in daily round, in transport, together with numerous advantages it have the disadvantage as burning quality and high fire risk. They easy flame, burn speedily with the release of smoke and toxic gas products.

Considering that polyester products are widely applied in many sections and areas, it was a necessity to make it non-flammable. Chemical modification allowed expanding of the nomenclature of polyester products for application it as products with lower burning quality.

OAO "Mogilevkhimvolokno" in 2010 has mastered the manufacture of matt crincled fiber (tow) with lower burning quality of different linear density 0,17 - 0,44 tex and different length of cut (tow weighing 50, 100 ktex).

The modification of chemical compound was used for manufacturing.

The area of application of polyester fabric/tow with lower burning quality is manufacture of nonwoven fabric with lower burning quality, textile fabric, table textiles and others.

Polyester fabric articles with low flammability have variety of preferences:

  • It keeps its characteristics during the process of multiple washing and cleaning; 
  • Polyester fabric is fire-resistant and it can not be an ignition source;
  • Using of textile products increases fire protetion of facilities, because in that case it meets the international standards of textile using in public places.
  • The presence of fire-resistance materials in interior helps to find understanding with Fire Control Department and insurance companies.

Name of figure


1.* Unit tenacity, mN / tex


2. * Disruption elongation,%


3. Linear shrinkage,%


4. Oxygen index,%


Note: * - the figures will be specified after the procedure of delivery to the manufacture.