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Acrylic fiber and tow

There is a wide spectrum of the use of acrylic fiber and tow. The high quality and performance characteristics of the fiber allow to process it by any light industry process.


Acrylic fibers can be used as produced, as well as blended with synthetic, man-made and natural fibers.



  • yarn
  • fabrics, curtaining, upholstery
  • knitwear
  • synthetic fur
  • carpets
  • technical products, carbon fibers

 A wide range of fibers made by the enterprise can meet different customers demands:

  • the colour is mostly white: bright or semi-dull, but can be made cation-dyed into a wide spectre of colours differing in colour intensity
  • tow and cut fibers can be produced
  • cotton and wool-type fibers can be produced
  • different nominal linear density fibers ranging from 0.17 to 2.5 tex (1.5-22.5 denier)


We offer  different production of acrylic fiber and tow:


  1. Nitron -C (Courtaulds process)
  2. Nitron -D (SNIA BNP process)