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Polyester fiber and tow

Polyesterfiber is used in production of various textile products, which are made of polyester fiber base. It gives the material stability, keeps textiles forms tstrength and is also well suited for matching with natural fibers.

Variation ofpolyester fiber products include over twenty different species with a width ranging from 0.11 to 1.7 tex and a length from 6 to 102 mm.

Polyesterfibers are widely used in the production of cotton, linen, wool yarns and fabrics, as well as non-woven materials, warmth-keeping fabrics, floor coverings, fur fabrics, artificial leather and paper industries.

Polyester fibers meet the highest requirements of dynamicallyand rapidlydeveloping textileindustry.

We offer these different polyester types:

  1. Crimped polyester fiber and tow
  2. Crimped fiber and tow with special properties
  3. Polyester tow, dull, non-crimped
  4. Polyester fiber and tow with low flammability